Admissiona Fees:

  • Addmission fee applicable for monthly, half yearliy, yearly packages for members.
  • Addmission fee not applicable for One day, Weekly, Life members & family life members.
  • Addmission fee is reapplicable if a member rejoins after 1 year of last membership tenure ended.
  • Family Membership includes, husband, wife & 2 children(Children should be unmarried and below 25 years of age)


Personal Training:

  • 12 days in a month
  • Basic Rs.1000/- Month
  • Advanced Rs.2000/- Month


  1. Take Stream atleast once in a week for your body relaxation Just Rs.100/-.
  2. Have body Massage at least once in a month & see the benefit that you get to your body at just Rs.800/-.